In Person Courses & Workshops


Learn basic introductory skills like composting, water filtration and ecological gardening during short 2 to 3 hour evening courses in person or online. We focus on topics that help those living in urban and suburban areas achieve more autonomy and self-sufficiency. 

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Part-Time Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Join an environment of learning that encourages self-growth and critical thinking. This style of course is geared toward those who want to engage with like-minded people who care about the environment, but still have to work or go to school during the week. 

If you're thinking of changing career paths, building on top your current degree/field of expertise, or want to embrace a new passion, this course is for you. We will teach how to become beyond sustainable and have a lasting positive imprint on all projects that you do. 
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Intensive Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Experience the lifestyle and live the principles of permaculture as you complete the same international curriculum as the part-time course over the course of two weeks. The intensive courses take place during the summer at our partner farm, L'Alpakiade where participants learn, live and laugh together as they complete the training.

If you're an outdoorsy person who thrives on being surrounded by nature and learning through direct experience this course style is for you. Get first hand experience living on the land where you will observe and design a permaculture proposal from start to finish.

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Intensive Hands-On Courses

Get your hands dirty and learn more advanced topics like mushroom cultivation, food forest design or soil remediation during our full day or weekend intensive courses. If you prefer to focus on a specific topic and learn the theory and get the chance to  do it  - this is for you.
The best part is that we always team up with local farmers or property owners so all the work supports real ecological design projects in the community. By participating in these courses, you are actively helping bring positive change to your our world.
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Jean-Luc Henri

CEO and co-founder at  Revolution Fermentation

"The first time I worked with Graham is when I invited him to talk about Permaculture at the Changemaker Forum, in front of 250 people. His presentation was simply amazing, and I received tons of wonderful comments about his performance."

Hayley Paul

Past Student in Intensive 

Permaculture Design Certificate

"I took the PDC course with Graham Calder in the fall of 2011. I loved the course, and in short I would describe it as a life-changing experience.
Everything the course had to say made so much sense, was so simple, yet complex to apply in this crazy world, but most importantly it was hopeful. Graham was an amazing and inspiring teacher.
  I continue to be inspired by permaculture and would love to find a way to take another course with Graham!”

Carlo Primiani

Development Coordinator at  Espaces Collectifs

"I took Graham's Permaculture Design Certificate course in 2011 and I found him to be, above all else, incredibly passionate about his work.
This passion translated easily into a strong work ethic and a commitment to the class to ensure that we were all on track to learn as much from him and each other as possible."