Beyond Tomatoes & Basil: a Companion Planting #LevelUp ($25+tx)

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Up your gardening game and join us for a lecture-style event in our Spring 2023 Eco-edible Garden Series to learn all about Companion Planting! 

Companion planting is a a centuries-old technique of planting different crops together in order to reap a variety of benefits, such as increased crop yield, improved pest control, better soil health, and increased pollinator diversity. It's a simple and effective way to maximize the abundance of your garden – and we'll dive in to all of the details on how you can integrate this technique into your space!

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Date & Time
April 19, 2023
6:30 PM 8:00 PM America/Montreal

Online: Check your email for event Link

--Online: Check your email for event Link--
--Online: Check your email for event Link--
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