Eco-gardening Techniques for Regenerative Edible Landscapes – Lecture ($25+tx)

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Up your gardening game and join us for a lecture-style event in our Spring 2023 Eco-edible Garden Series to learn all about Eco-edible gardening techniques! 

Eco-gardening is all about working with the natural environment rather than against it – this means designing an abundant garden that conserves water, reduces waste, and minimizes the need for external inputs. 

In this lecture, we will dive in to creating habitats for native wildlife and pollinators, and building healthy soil through plant selection, compost and organic methods of pest control. You'll also learn about various permaculture garden designs, such as herb spirals, mandala gardens, and lasagna gardens.

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Date & Time
April 26, 2023
6:30 PM 8:00 PM America/Montreal

Online: Check your email for event Link

--Online: Check your email for event Link--
--Online: Check your email for event Link--
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