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Join us for this 1 hours Fireside Chat Hangout

We love to get lost in tangents that are sparked by great questions in our courses, however most of the time we have to get back on topic asap. In this Fireside style hangout the goal is just the opposite, to start with a topic of focus and then let the rabbit hole take us deeper and deeper.  A fully QnA or AMA style event means you get to ask anything and dig deeper into the next level of permaculture and all related tangents..

Join us on December 21 for the longest night and celebrate the return of the sun with people of like mind. 

Date & Time
December 21, 2022
7:00 PM 8:00 PM America/Montreal

P3 Permaculture Inc

40 Rue Mill
Chelsea QC j9b1k8
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P3 Permaculture Inc


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