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Permaculture Design Fundamentals

Ce cours s'adresse à tous ceux qui souhaitent voir leur espace extérieur, qu'il s'agisse d'un jardin, d'un balcon ou d'une ferme, transformé en un écosystème résilient qui nourrit l'abondance que la nature a à offrir. Cela peut sembler un rêve, mais il se transformera en réalité si vous avez la détermination, les outils et les techniques pour le réaliser. Si vous êtes prêt à considérer le jardinage comme une expérience qui implique des essais et des erreurs ainsi qu'une adaptation et une amélioration constantes, alors vous êtes prêt à nous rejoindre pour développer un nouvel état d'esprit et apprendre le cadre d'un design en permaculture.Développez une stratégie qui fonctionne dans votre situation spécifiqueApprenez un processus structuré, étape par étape, et sentez-vous en contrôle.Apprenez des compétences et des techniques pratiques à appliquer immédiatementÉconomisez du temps et de l'argent en évitant les erreurs que nous avons commises nous-mêmes.Cessez d'éteindre les incendies dans votre jardin en vous attaquant à la cause profonde du problème.Develop a strategy that works in your specific situation
Learn a structured step-by-step process and feel in control
Learn hands-on skills and techniques to apply immediately
Save time and money by avoiding the mistakes that we've made ourselves
Stop putting out fires in your garden by addressing the root cause of the problem

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Certificat de conception pré-permaculture

In order to give you the most hands-on and practical Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in Canada, your PDC starts with an online component for each of the chapters of the curriculum. To prepare everyone for a more in-depth learning experience and more hands-on workshops and activities at L’Alpakiade, we’re making sure that you arrive at the farm confident and with some technical and basic knowledge of permaculture.

Online chapters will be released on this platform on a weekly basis; you will be notified by email at every release, but take your time to go through them. This online resource will be available to you before, during and after your PDC course.

This online PDC introductory and preparatory course is designed to facilitate and ease you into the basic terminology and learning objectives of each chapter; so take notes, write down your questions, explore the recommended (and mandatory!) readings and resources whenever you get a chance, prior to June 19th.

Food Forests & Pocket Forests

What exactly are Pocket Forests and how can they benefit us and the planet? Pocket Forests are a diverse planting of edible plants and their companions that attempt to replicate the ecosystems and patterns found in natural forests. Also known as Garden Forests, these systems can help reverse ecological degradation and act as effective carbon-capturing; food-providing; drought and flood preventing; habitat building; soil regenerating; ecosystem-supporting and aesthetically pleasing spaces!
Through careful observation, meticulous care and design, the natural cycle through which forests are created can be sped up sustainably and abundantly! This resources provide some essential information on how to mimic the cycle seen in forest structures in order to create regenerative climate-improving Pocket Food Forests.