Green Wall Guide for Apathy is Boring

Maintenance & Responsibilities

How do the Green Walls work?

The Green Walls include a self-sufficient watering system powered by a pump. This pump is set to run on a timer programmed by P3 (Graham), currently set to run every [?] . When turned on, the pump pumps water from the bottom reservoir to the topmost plant bin. When the water reaches the downspout, water trickles into the next bin and so on, until the excess water replenishes the bottom reservoir. 

The plants in the bins are planted in grow bags which allow them to absorb water as needed. Because the plants are taking up water, the water reservoir needs to be refilled occasionally. We recommend that you che ck the reservoir on a weekly basis and top-up as needed.

The plants in the wall need sufficient light to survive. The lights on the wall are also set on a timer programmed by Graham. Please do not shut off the lights manually.

Green Wall Maintenance:

Responsibilities of Apathy is Boring

  • Check on reservoirs weekly and top-up with water as needed
  • Ensure indoor temperatures do not exceed __  – this causes the plants to dry out and wilt!

  • Fertilization?

  • Be aware of the status of the plants – if they look like they are dry, wilting, or have pests/disease, get in touch with us ASAP

  • IF the reservoirs at any point run dry, you must follow a special protocol to ensure that all of the plants receive water and the green walls continue to function as normal:

    • [describe].


When should you get in touch with P3?

Please get in touch with Graham at P3 Permaculture in any of the following circumstances:

  • You notice any issues with the pumps (such as: making loud noises, not running, etc.)

  • The lights on any of the walls are not working (this may mean a bulb needs to be changed)

  • You notice insects in the plants or spots/blotches on the leaves

  • Any other questions or concerns you may have about the walls or plants

We have created a Telegram group for questions and discussion about the Green Walls. You can join it by
using this link .

You can also contact us with questions at – we will however receive notifications faster if you reach out via Telegram.