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@Clementine Mattesco after our [...]

Chelsea Boodram
- 05/07/2020 18:16:11

@Clementine Mattesco after our call yesterday I realized that I have a lot more questions about the Launch Strategy. In particular, what you need me to create at each point in the process. 
1. For the email marketing - how many emails do we need that are dedicated to this subject before we launch?
2. Are all the images going to be created by Diane; including the email images, instagram post visuals, eventbrite banners etc? It might save us time if we have one person come up with a “look” and use it across all our platforms.
** Do you think 8 Instagram posts, (about 2 per week), 3 Eventbrite Banners, (one per free webinar), and a collection of Email images, (this depends on how many we need for this strategy).**
3. Based on the Key Dates calendar we have 7 Hype days and 7 days where we are “delivering value”- what do you need me to create for all of this?
4. For the Open Sales Push Day, I know Graham is going to record a video, but is there anything supplementary that you need me to create for this?
5. Then we have 7 days of convincing the rational buyer, am I creating only 2 emails, (that’s what I remember from our call) or are there additional promotions going on outside of the webinar?