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Clementine Mattesco
- 05/11/2020 13:21:29
@Cassandra Wood 1- For the email marketing: I had to think about that and I think we should start advertising/ selling the course with the founding member strategy. I will call you about it so that you can understand well. It doesn’t need to go out this week, maybe the one after. We are basically going to write and email that says:
- The idea that we’ve had : What is the story behind us creating that course
- The vision: Where do we see this course going
- The invitation:  Invite people as founding members
- Follow-up: be clear that we have nothing out yet but have a payment link.
We’ll send this email once and see what happens before we share it again (in a new form much probably)

2-Yes, Diane is on that. The numbers you give seem good. If I don’t count the pre-launch emails (that’s the founding member strategy – we’ll have to figure out how many emails we send as we go), I would do:
- 4 emails for the Hype period (1 to announce we are doing something (put the creation of the course into the current context: covid and where P3 is going) + 3 emails: 1 to promote each webinar)
- 3 emails for the deliver value period: 1 as a reminder for each webinar + explain what Graham is going to talk about in each webinar.
- 3 emails to convince the rational buyer
I think we’ll do the open sales push in the last video actually, it will be less pushy selling. You don’t need to create anything else for that.

You can start thinking about how you want to write all those emails, hooks and in what order you present the information to apply all the copywriting tricks we now know. I know you cannot write them fully because we still haven’t confirmed the content of the webinars (we’ve brainstormed but we need to confirm with Graham).
I suggest you start thinking about all that and we can have a meeting the 2 of us on Wednesday (if you’re available) to review everything (and talk about the founding member strategy. I can’t take you on a meeting before that cause we’re moving the horses today and sheering the alpacas tomorrow. I’m really sorry!