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Clementine Mattesco
- 02/05/2020 23:31:00
@Graham Calder For the summer PDC cook: I'm becoming stressed about the cook situation. I thought I was in charge and so when you were away I really tried to arrange something with Catherine and Robbie. They were both really interested and so I told them I would talk to you when you come back to fix the details about the salaries. You had told me that we would get 1 experimented chef or 2 people who have less experience cooking for large groups. Since the local experimented chefs I found are all our of our budget, I decided to go with the 2nd option with Cath and Robbie. I really believe it can work and I would like to propose them the same conditions that we had with Matcha. They get $30 per day*student for lunch and dinner. With that they need to buy the ingredients, create the receipes and cook. I am willing to help them get in contact with the local farms to source their ingredients (but I will do that as L'Alpakiade and not P3). P3 won't need to supervise anything. I will also emphasize that we really need to have big enough portions. I really think this could be a good option. Let me know if I can propose that to them.