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I understand your frustration [...]

P3 Permaculture, Graham Calder
- 02/05/2020 23:42:04

I understand your frustration and you are in charge of planning this, however i have planned more then 10 intensive PDC's and dealt with cooks many times and to be honest it is one of the most difficult aspects of the course, all the courses that had problems during the course where all related to the cook, It is really hard for me to feel comfortable with this as i have no idea their capacity, Also Macha was charging us a fairly high price at 28$ per person per day because she is a nutritionist and also brought all of her own cooking and kitchen supplies.  She also proposed us with a menu before we agreed to hiring her.  The meals are the backbone of the course and i dont think it is wrong for me to try to find a professional cook to cater this course. I thought we were taking them into consideration but was not aware that we had already confirmed that they were going to do it. Its a much bigger job then it seems and until we have no other options I don't feel comfortable with this option.