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That is also my fault for not [...]

P3 Permaculture, Graham Calder
- 02/07/2020 16:07:28

That is also my fault for not clarifying that i was considering them as a backup plan.  I have had so many problems with cooks or food in the past and even had to be cooking myself 3 times in a different PDC's so that is also why i have such strong feeling on this.  Also i know that you said you will do the organising on alpakiade time but during the PDC it wont be possible to be micromanaging the cooks and still support the course.  Also just so you know Macha's prices where in the expensive range.  mainly because she was a nutritionist and provided her own kitchen implements.  One question we need to discuss is where the food will be cooked? at the Roadhouse? and if that is the case we will need an oven.