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I understand, I really do. We' [...]

Clementine Mattesco
- 02/07/2020 16:37:38

I understand, I really do. We'll communicate better last time 😉  The prices I got from a local caterer were way more expansive than Matcha so I was surprised... And I understand about the course coordination and micromanagement. I'm going to contact Martine again, I know she knows cooks in the area. The food will be cooked in the Roadhouse yes. In the appartment if it's ready but I'm not sure this will be the case. There will we everything we need including fridge, and stove and oven and freezer. Brianne her boyfriend and I are starting to leave there in March so the house will be equiped. The living space and sleeping spot will be near the barn though as the house will be occupied. The alpacas will have moved in the barn by that time so the machine shed will be free. The machines won't take all the space so we can put the dinning and teaching area there and if people want to set their tent protected from the rain they can put it there, or in the barn 2nd floor too.