Permaculture Design Certification

Summer 2023

 All levels | In-person and online | Wakefield, Québec, Canada | 130h | August 21-September 2,  2023

Starting at $1890  +tax


Course objectives

Discover & Learn on the land

Take advantage of our 14 years of teaching experience

Regenerate Degraded soil 

Even the worst clays, sands can be regenerated. 

Drought & Flood Prevention

Holistic solutions for water management.

Fight Climate Change 

 Discover Carbon Farming.

Create Wildlife Habitats

Watch as nature is reborn with your design touch.

Find solutions inspired by Nature

Use nature's 4.9 Billion years of R & D.

Edible Landscapes 

Discover edible parks and alternative forestry.

Natural Building

Learn techniques used in the oldest building on earth.

Alternative Energy

Learn the basics options and alternative new discoveries.

The Perks   

Live the lessons and build memories

Immerse yourself in permaculture

Peruse the food forest, explore over 900m of swale.

Join in the daily tasks

Help care for the deer, goats, food forest, & more.

Build practical skills

Help with the food forest or the erosion management. 

Frolic with the farm animals

Visit Lanthorn's goats, dogs, and rare deer refuges.

Tinker with lost tech

Explore the Hydraulic ram pump and trump aeration systems.

Experience life at Lanthorn Farm

The routine, the simplicity, the beauty, the work

Grow your community

Live and learn with a group of change-makers.

Make new friendships

Connect with students and grow your network.

Is a PDC for me?

 Are you looking to gain the knowledge and skills to create a truly sustainable system? Are you eager to start regenerating your life, garden, or community? Do you want to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for protecting our planet?

If so, then our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is the perfect opportunity for you. Our PDC will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to take action and make a positive, regenerative impact. Whether you already have a project in mind or you're looking to explore new solutions, our PDC will help you move forward on your journey.

Life at Lanthorn Farm

Our 2023 intensive Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will take place at the picturesque Lanthorn Farm in Wakefield, Quebec. This idyllic setting provides the perfect backdrop for hands-on permaculture learning, allowing students to experiment with permaculture techniques and observe how the farm incorporates permaculture design into their practices.

Living at Lanthorn Farm means being surrounded by nature. The farm is enveloped by lush, mature forest and includes two wildlife refuges that are home to rare deer. You'll also get to meet the farm's friendly goats, sheep, chickens and dogs, making your stay even more enjoyable..