At P3 Permaculture, we are continuing to offer our workshops and courses and respecting all COVID-19 regulations in open air classrooms and outdoors .

Intensive Hands-on Courses

Is sitting in a classroom your worst nightmare?

It's a nightmare for a lot of people, including most of the P3 team! That's why we offer courses dedicated to those of us who need to be  doing  in order to learn. So before you go planting a food forest, or some other big project...

  • Learn the do's and don'ts of planting a tree so it's guaranteed to survive

  • Learn what kinds of plants like to be planted together

  • Learn how to cultivate mushrooms

  • Learn how to improve the fertility of your soil

We'll bring you the tools and show you how to use them so you can go back to your own properties and projects ready to take action.

Pre-Registration for 2 Day Intensive Hands-on Workshop

How do we observe and design our site to be resistant to floods and utilize the water resource to benefit our resilience in case of drought?
Although we recommend you attend both days to receive a complete training, we have designed each day so that you can choose to attend one day based on your focus of interest.

Flood & Drought Prevention Workshop
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