P3 has moved tot he Outaouais region and our products are currently  being revised and will be available again in the fall. 
Please contact us if your looking for something in particular or have any questions.
Water Filter
230.00 $ 230.00 $ 230.0 CAD
Self-Watering Pot
169.00 $ 169.00 $ 169.0 CAD
This Self sufficient grow system is perfect for the home or office. Self watering planter with reservoir that holds enough water for 3 weeks, Air pruning pot that permits natural root growth and 5x bigger plant in the same pot. Living soils with beneficial red wiggler worms that prevent root rot and fertilise the soil. Organic mater Mulch covering for the soil to feed the worms and prevent salinisation of the soil.
Urban Permaculture Workshop
30.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.0 CAD
Permaculture in the city? How do we do that? In this workshop we introduce permaculture through an urban lens. The course will cover topics ranging from edible landscaping, passive irrigation, small-scale no dig agriculture, companion planting, natural pest control, carbon farming, rain gardens and much more.
Ecological Garden Design Course
30.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.0 CAD
Learn all the basics to start your vegetable garden in an economic, efficient and ecological way. ​ In this course, we explore tips and tricks pertaining to the organizing, planning, planting, companionship planting, growing and harvesting of a garden! This detailed and comprehensive introduction to ecological gardening covers every aspect from the design to the implementation of the garden, for your balcony or your yard.