Course content
  • Introduction
      • Indoor Lighting
      • Biophilic Design Report
      • Plant Catching Community
      • Buy me Once
      • La Bliothèque d’outils
      • Réseau Transition Québec
      • Transition Canada Resources
      • Le Guide Essentiel de la Transition.
      • Transition Handbook
      • Transition Neighbourhood Field Guide
      • Hudson Community Farm Veggie Basket
      • Water Testing Form
      • EWG’s Healthy Living App
      • Best Air-Filtering House Plants
      • Improve Air Quality
      • Build a Large Self Watering Garden & Greenhouse From Reused Materials
      • Self-watering SIP Sub-irrigated Raised Bed Construction (How to Build)
      • Indoor Self-Sufficient Planters
      • Rain Gutter Grow System
      • Sub-Irrigated Food System
      • Window Farms
      • Dave's Vertical Garden
      • Will Allen Food Production System
      • The Bees in Your Backyard
      • Haiti Earthship Project: Overview
      • A Beginner’s Guide to Working in Sustainable Aid and Overseas Development
      • TED Talk - Mike McGrath - Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong
      • Symphony of Soil
      • Dirt the Movie
      • Inhabit (Northern US) Permaculture Perspective Film
      • The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
      • 2000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco
      • TED Talk- Willie Smits - How to restore a rainforest
      • TED Talk - Global Village Construction Set
      • Greening Eritrea
      • Greening the Desert
      • Quebec Facebook Group
      • Natural Building
      • Mycelium
      • Transition NDG
      • Perma Climat Froid
      • Permaculture Internationale
      • Terra Perma

Introduction to Urban Permaculture

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In this video, you will become better acquainted with the foundation of permaculture, or ecological design. We will cover:
*An overview of the twelve principles of permaculture
*Discuss the three ethics of permaculture
*How to measure ecological impact
*The difference between linear and circular systems, with cradle to cradle design
*What is beyond sustainability
*The framework of observational design
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