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Intensive Full-Time PDC

Click to know more about our intensive full-time Permaculture Design Certificate Course, held in person from August 21 to September 2, 2023 in Wakefield, Quebec.

Guest Teacher Application Form

Click to fill out a Google Form to apply to be a guest teacher at our Summer 2023 Permaculture Design Certificate course in Wakefield, Quebec.

Online Course: Introduction to Ecological Gardening

Learn the basics to start your vegetable garden in an economic, efficient and ecological way. ​ In this course, we explore tips and tricks pertaining to the organizing, planning, planting, companionship planting, growing and harvesting of a garden! This detailed and comprehensive introduction to ecological gardening covers every aspect from the design to the implementation of the garden, for your balcony or your yard.  

Online Course: Urban Permaculture

In this workshop we introduce permaculture through an urban lens. The course will cover topics ranging from edible landscaping, passive irrigation, small-scale no dig agriculture, companion planting, natural pest control, carbon farming, rain gardens and much more.

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

In this course, you will learn the basics of Mycology and 4 specific growing techniques you can do at home, indoors, in the back yard or even on your balcony.

Online Course: Permaculture Design Fundamentals

Make sure you start your permaculture project the right way. Learn how to save time and avoid big mistakes in our Permaculture Design Fundamentals Online Course. This course is for anyone who wants to see their outside space; be it garden, balcony or farm, transformed into a resilient ecosystem that nourishes the abundance that nature has to offer. This sounds like a dream but it will turn into a reality if you have the determination, the tools and the techniques to bring it to life.

Design and Consultation

Click above to check out the design services we offer to help you turn your dream permaculture projects into concrete plans and actions.

PDC 2022 Full Scholarship for an Indigenous Student

Apply to the scholarship before May 24th

FREE Keys to Permaculture Design Video Series

Fast track your permaculture journey with the design tips Graham shares in this FREE 3 videos series.

Permaculture Design Freebies

Get all the tips and advices you need to set up your lasagna garden,

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