Introduction to Mushroom Growing

Introduction to Mushroom Growing

Online Course Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation

Join us and learn the world of Mycology, starting with the fungi and their importance to us in health and ecology. In this course, you will learn the basics of Mycology and 4 specific growing techniques you can do at home, indoors, in the back yard or even on your balcony.

This is a online course that you have access to for section so you have access to this course even after the live date.

The online course has sections of content and supplementary resources that make this course into a package of supporting information to get you started on your mycophilic path. Continue your learning with the discussion forum where students and staff will continually ask and answer questions related to your Mushroom Growing experience.

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Last Update 04/11/2022
Completion Time 2 hours 15 minutes
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Urban Permaculture beginner
  • Course Presentation Files
    • Intro to Mushroom Cultivation Presentation
  • Introduction course
  • Course Videos
    • Land Acknowledgment
    • Land acknowledgement | Baroness von Sketch Show
    • Understanding Mushrooms and Terminology
    • Mushroom Cultivation
    • 4 Techniques for Mushroom Cultivation Part 1
    • 4 Techniques for Mushroom Cultivation Part 2
    • Growing Mushrooms on Log Totems - Growing Mushrooms at Home
  • Supplementary Videos
    • The 7 Basic Steps Of Mushroom Cultivation (How Most Mushrooms Are Grown)
    • Complete Martha Grow Tent Setup & Maintenance Walk-Through | Build a DIY Mushroom Fruiting Chamber
    • Cheap, Easy DIY Mushroom Fruiting Chamber
    • Is Mycelium Fungus the Plastic of the Future?
    • Intro to Mycroremediation with Willie Crosby
    • You Didn’t Know Mushrooms Could Do All This | National Geographic
    • Mushrooms as Medicine with Paul Stamets at Exponential Medicine
    • 6 ways mushrooms can save the world | Paul Stamets
    • How to Change Your Mind | Michael Pollan | Talks at Google
  • Supplementary Resources
    • Fungus Fact Friday
    • Field and Forest Products : Mushroom cultivation tools
    • Radical Mycology Zine
    • DIY Mushroom cultivation guide