Urban Permaculture Workshop


Permaculture in the city? How do we do that? In this workshop we introduce permaculture through an urban lens. The course will cover topics ranging from edible landscaping, passive irrigation, small-scale no dig agriculture, companion planting, natural pest control, carbon farming, rain gardens and much more.

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    How can systems thinking and observation-based design be applied in the city or suburbs?

    What does urban permaculture mean to us?

    In this online workshop we will cover how to become self-reliant in regards to food, energy and water. We will look at how we can design our social landscape to cultivate healthy relationships, both with ourselves and with others.

    Topics that will be covered:

    • Economic and social permaculture

    • DIY self-watering pots, vermi-compost, cleaning products and more!

    • Techniques to detox the air in your home

    • Mushroom cultivation

    • Window farming and hydroponics

    You will be sent the details of how to connect by email before the start of the workshop.