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The Keys of Permaculture
The Keys of Permaculture

The Keys of Permaculture Design is a FREE mini-series of 3 episodes that we put together to welcome anyone who wants to know about permaculture design, or for those who need a refresher. Humanity is in a very special position at this time in our evolution, and it will take all of us to bring balance back into our ecosystems, our communities and most importantly to have the confidence that you really can make a difference in your own life.

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Introduction to Permaculture
Introduction to Permaculture

Do you keep hearing the word "permaculture," but not sure what it's all about?
In this introductory lecture, P3Permaculture founder Graham Calder will walk you through the basics of permaculture, philosophy, and design.
This presentation covers the ethical principles that describe permaculture, provides an overview of some of the techniques used in permaculture design, and takes participants on a visual journey through permaculture sites around the world!
From climate change to austerity, the challenges we face can seem overwhelming. But, by mimicking nature to heal broken systems (both ecological and social), permaculture provides a variety of approaches for positive change!
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