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Rosemary 'Rowe' Morrow @ Permaculture Sydney North

Rosemary 'Rowe' Morrow considers permaculture to be ‘sacred knowledge’ to be carried and shared with others. For over 40 years she has taken this knowledge to people in Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

She has a special commitment to working with people of war-torn countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bosnia and recently returned from Afganistan.

As well as teaching permaculture, Rowe is also a teacher of teachers, and has trained some of our own PSN members. She is the co-founder of The Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute with Lis Bastian.

Many rate Rowe's permaculture books as their favourite source of knowledge - The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture and The Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture. Rowe is also one of the 26 contributors to Permaculture Pioneers - Stories from the New Frontier.
Special thanks to Permaculture Sydney North for hosting this event.

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