2-week Intensive Permaculture Design Certificate

August 2023 - Wakefield, Québec

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Registration intensive Permaculture Design Certification.
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Registration intensive Permaculture Design Certification.
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Registration intensive Permaculture Design Certification.
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Registration intensive Permaculture Design Certification.
Join us for our 2023 intensive PDC course!  

Our permaculture design certification (PDC) is ideal for anyone who craves to be immersed in the permaculture worldview and create regenerative solutions.

The course begins with our 30-hour online training to introduce you to the fundamental theories of permaculture. Training can be completed at your own pace.

Then, join us at Lanthorn Farm in Wakefield, Québec for an intensive 2 weeks filled with hands-on workshops, in-class learning, and in-the-field exploration. You'll also get to experience life at the Farm, immerse yourself in nature, and make valuable connections with fellow PDC students.

We want to ensure that our students understand the essence of permaculture as a design philosophy, such that they can apply it to regenerating not only gardens and farms, but cities and human communities too. If you have a project in mind and want help designing and implementing it after the PDC course, check out our PDC To The Moon option!

Note that if you are staying at the farm, you must arrive on the August 20th to set up camp. 

For full course information, please visit the  Course Details Page

                               Course Objectives

                    Discover & Learn on the Land

                                   Take advantage of our 14 years of teaching experience

Regenerate Degraded soil

Even the worst clays, sands can be regenerated. 

Drought & Flood Prevention

Holistic solutions for water management.

Fight Climate Change 

 Discover Carbon Farming.

Create Wildlife Habitats

Watch as nature is reborn with your design touch.

Find solutions inspired by Nature

Use natures 4.9 Billion years of R & D

Edible Landscapes 

Discover edible parks and alternative forestry

Natural Building

Techniques used in the oldest building on earth 

Alternative Energy

Learn the basics options and alternative new discoveries

Date & Time
August 21, 2023
Start - 8:30 AM
September 2, 2023
End - 5:30 PM America/Montreal

Ferme Lanthorn, Lanthorn Farm

95 Chemin Colbert
Wakefield QC J0x3g0
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